November, 2018 – Rockton has acquired two CRJ1000 on lease to Air Nostrum, Valencia.


September, 2018 – Rockton is very pleased to announce that Annika Hansson has joined the firm.


September, 2018 – Rockton arranged the annual Nord-Stat aviation meeting, drawing participants from eight countries.


August, 2018 – Rockton has completed the sale of two Saab 2000’s.


June, 2018 – Rockton has completed the sale of three Saab 2000’s.


January, 2018 – Rockton has purchased an Airbus A320 from Icelease (Iceland). The aircraft is on lease to Small Planet (Poland).


October, 2017 – Rockton has completed the sale of five Saab 2000’s.


September, 2017 – Rockton organised the fifth annual Nord-Stat aviation gathering, which drew over 50 aviation professionals from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Luxembourg, the U.S. and the UK. Nils Hallerström (PK AirFinance) was the keynote speaker.


December, 2016 – Rockton has purchased three CF6-80 engines from Air Atlanta (Iceland) and leased them back to the operator.


December, 2016 – Rockton has completed a re-financing of its Saab 2000 fleet with Erste Bank (London).


October, 2016 – Robert Küller has been elected to the Board of Directors of the European Airline Association (ERA).
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September, 2016 – Skywork Airlines (Switzerland) took delivery of their second Saab 2000 from Rockton.


September, 2016 – Rockton hosted the fourth annual Nord-Stat aviation industry get-together, with over 40 participants from all Nordic countries.


July, 2016 – Rockton signs LOI with Mitsubishi Aircraft for purchase of up to 20 MRJ. Rockton is the first European company to select the MRJ.
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June, 2016 – Skywork Airlines (Switzerland) took delivery of their first Saab 2000 from Rockton.