As aviation professionals we have invested in a wide variety of passenger aircraft. They range from jets by Boeing and Airbus to turboprops by manufacturers like ATR, Bombardier, Saab and British Aerospace.

Why Regional Aircraft?

  • Fifty percent of passengers worldwide are flying sectors below 500 nautical miles
  • Turboprops complement jets with superior fuel efficiency
  • Attractive economics for thinner or shorter routes


As the largest Saab 2000 lessor we can offer our customers one of the worlds fastest turboprops at unmatched costs. With a quiet cruise speed of 370 knots and outstanding short-field performance the 2000 carries 50 passengers on missions hard to match by any other aircraft. Digital cockpits and active noise cancellation systems are standard feature of these modern, comfortable airplanes.

ATR 42

ATR 72

Bombardier Q400

CRJ 700

ERJ 170